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HTA Ambassadors

Being a State Ambassador for HTA is a volunteer position. 

Interested? We are looking for cheerleaders for trail riding! It's more important that you're comfortable online and excited about trail riding resources and events than that you're a trail expert.

We are looking for individuals who will help promote the trails and camps in their home states and share back to the members of HTA. Here is what we are asking our ambassadors to do:

  • Post on at least once a month in the state directories--sharing events, resources, info about where to ride in the state.

  • Share HTA info with your local/state trail riding and horse groups.

  • When someone posts in the HTA Facebook group asking about a trail in your state, respond and point them to the resources whenever possible.

  • Help with local riding activities, writing and resources as projects arise.


In return, we would like to offer you a membership to our website through December 31, 2024, as well as a coupon code off the store for 20% off gifts. We will name you as a state ambassador on our state page on the website, and we will recognize you and introduce you as well as your horse(s) to the group. You will be viewed as an honored volunteer to our association.  This is just the beginning; as this grows, we expect more opportunities as well as more rewards/incentives. 

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