HTA’s Trail Guide (Guidelines)

Our mission is to give our members the ability to discover new trails, talk about trails, share old trails and discuss all the other topics that go along with the Trail Riding Lifestyle. We want to connect more Trail Riders with other Trail Riders all across America whether through a keyboard or phone, or out in the real world on the trails. We want HTA to represent the hundreds of thousands of Trail Riders across the country.

We also want our Members to feel safe when using HTA. And also have a clear understanding of what HTA is all about. We know the Horse World is a highly diverse world. HTA wants to be sure it’s a place that welcomes all horse people. We want to welcome all topics and discussions that pertain to the horse world. But we also want to be sure we protect our members from harassment, threats, bullying, slander, etc. So we’ve created the “HTA Trail Guide” (Guidelines) to help you along the way.

Your Account and Personal Information:

HTA works hard on keeping your account safe, secure and protected. We ask that you use your Authentic Name and Identity. By using your authentic identity it helps keep HTA safe and our members accountable. We do not allow anyone to publish any personal information of someone else without their consent.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property:

We want you to feel safe here at HTA and be able to share your thoughts, photos, stories, etc. without worry. You own all the content and information you share on HTA. Just be sure, before you share anything on HTA, that you have the right to do so. We ask that you respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights.

Spam & Fraud:

HTA hates spam. So we work hard in keeping it off our site. We also hate fraud and will investigate any reported fraud on the site.


HTA will remove any content and/ or remove member accounts if we believe there is a genuine risk of harm or direct threats to public safety, or there is a direct violation to our “Trail Guide”.

Reported Violations:

HTA carefully reviews any reports sent to us stating that there has been a safety violation within the HTA site. We will do our best to determine how to properly handle the situation according to our HTA Trail Guide

Self-Injury, Bullying, Harassment:

If HTA comes across any content that is promoting self-harm, bullying and/ or harassment we will do what we can to stop the behavior. We do not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind. And we will remove any content that reflects these behaviors. If the member does not stop the behavior of bullying or harassment that member will be removed. We believe in One Warning Given but if the member does not change the behavior they will be removed. And HTA has the right to remove the member immediately if we feel it is for the benefit of the rest of our members.

Hate Speech:

HTA does not tolerate Hate Speech of any kind. We do allow freedom of speech but if there is any content that directly threatens Race, Ethnicity, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Sex, Gender, Disabilities or Diseases, it will be immediately removed, as well as the member.

Sexual Related Content:

ANY sexual related content will be REMOVED immediately. HTA is a family site and we will not tolerate any sexual explicit comments, photos, videos, etc.

Violent or Graphic Content:

If HTA feels that certain content is too violent or graphic for our younger audience (such as videos of graphic horse abuse, etc.) or contains violent language we will remove the content.


Offensive Language:

HTA is a family site and we discourage the use of offensive language. Please keep in mind that we have a diverse group of members from all across America from different backgrounds, ages, religions, beliefs, etc. We will remove content if we feel it is offensive to others.

Derogatory Debates:

HTA does not promote derogatory debates in the diverse Horse-Lifestyles such as different breeds, styles of riding, training, safety tools such as helmets etc. (the use of or not-there-of), barefoot vs. shoes, dogs on the trails (or not), etc. HTA is all for debating these different views in a healthy, respectful manner. But we will not allow finger-pointing and fault finding through a keyboard. We will give out warning to members who are behaving in a negative way. If that member cannot abide by this rule they will be removed.

“If you wouldn’t say it around the Campfire, don’t say it on HTA!”

RESPECT ON THE TRAIL (In the real world):

Disrespect on the Trails in the Real World:

If HTA becomes aware of a member being disrespectful on a Trail and/ or Campground, at an Equine Event, etc. WHILE representing HTA, HTA has the right to remove that member from HTA. We want our members to represent HTA with their best efforts.

Things we view as disrespectful while out in the real world:

Things we encourage out in the real world:

“Enjoy this world through open eyes, a kind heart, and a steady horse”

*If you feel a member has abused or violated any of these “HTA Trail Guides/ Rules” above please send an email to with the Subject Line of “TRAIL GUIDE VIOLATION”.