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New Book: Marley the Mustang

       Marley the Mustang is inspired by the true story of a wild horse no one wanted to adopt. Each reader is invited to go on a grand adventure as Marley waits patiently to be picked. Marley will capture your heart and surprise you with a valuable lesson, specifically for young children, but eye opening for all ages. There’s even a QR Code feature at the end of the book for children who can’t read, those just learning to read, exhausted parents, or children who love their technology. Marley the Mustang is the first in a series of RockWater Books. Future releases written and planned for publication include: The Pony in the Pool House, A Horse Divorce, Malachi the Messenger Mouse, and many others.

Product Details: Hardback, 6 x 9 inches, 38 pages, ISBN: 979-8-9892959-0-6

Author Bio

A lifelong writer, Fadocia Annette Nole Hall is a television producer and former broadcast journalist. Her love for horses is only surpassed by her love for God and family. She and her husband, Steve, co-produce Tennessee’s Wild Side airing on all PBS stations in Tennessee and Kentucky for over 20 years. When Annette is not finding every opportunity to produce a television segment on horses, she’s riding her own horse Zion, raising her new pony “Chincoteague’s Beautiful Secret,” and working with an amazing illustrator to publish a series of children’s books, all inspired by true stories. Annette is also the author of a website for women, She’s the mother of two adult children, grandmother to one, an incredible dog, three cats, four horses, and four donkeys. She does not rule out the possibility of more.


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