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Gather 'Round the Campfire

We've got plenty of Holiday Cowboy Poetry to share
so grab a cup of coffe and pull up a chair!



The Christmas Cowboy Band
-Del Shields

The old ranch was quiet and dark,  with hardly a notable sound.
The boys in the bunkhouse nere spoke a word. All were just sittin round.
They were patching holes in their socks and boots, created from summer wear.
Others laced up worn out old saddles, all without a care.

The silence was broken when Rowdy said "Boys this is wrong."
"Here we are on Christmas Eve and we aint even got a song."
The cowboys just looked up from the deeds they was doin.
Ol Buck splattered the spittoon with the chaw he was chewin.

Slim said, " Rowdy, whatever do you mean?"
"We'll get it off your chest boy, spit it out, come clean!"
You could have heard a pin drop in that smoky cabin air.
All eyes were on Rowdy. He could feel each glarin stare.

Like a politician he began his speech, and did not stutter none.
Not a cowboy spoke a solemn word, till ole Rowdy Boy was done.
His talk had made an impact. Of schooling he'd had some.
Then bashful Bart with all his heart, well he began to hum.

Barely recognizable, it was Silent Night. He learned it from his Ma.
'Twas then big Tex began to sing, with a deep down southern draw.
The Cook chimed in with a tenner note, that made the whole room chill.
He was way off key as he belted out, with a voice squeaky and shrill.

Before you knew it every cowboy sang, and some not so good.
But no one seemed to care about that. They were doin the best they could.
They sang and danced a happy dance, that went on through the night.
Well it sounded like a concert hall, till early morning's light.

When Rowdy had woke from nappin, early on Christmas morn,
He was surrounded by his cowboy band, offering gifts they had worn.
There were tattered shirts, mended socks and a neckerchief Or two.
Old Buck spoke up and politely said, here's a plug of my best chew.

Ole Cranky Bob was smilin big, as he began to speak.
Said, " Rowdy we want to thank you Son, for making this Christmas unique."
You have given the biggest gift of all. We'd forgotten of Holiday cheer.
So now were obliged to ya one and all, for restoring Christmas here.

Kim Roberts lives out in the beautiful, big state of Montana, raising and training Gypsy Vanners. I think we can all agree that the combination of mountains, snow, a fuzzy Gypsy, and a Santa Suit makes just about the best Christmas photo you could find! *Photo Credit: Natalie Hays Photography

Say Your Thanks


As 2017 draws to an end,

there's just a few things I want to recommend.


Leave no love ungiven,

to your quarrels, try to make amends.


And send a prayer up to heaven,

to thank God for your family and your friends.


There's one more thing to be sure to say your thanks for.

That horse in your pasture,


deserves a couple thanks,

and probably a couple more.


He's there when you need him,

he's there when you don't.


Maybe you'll ride him today,

maybe you won't.


A horse is more than a hobby, it's more than a pet.

Being in the saddle is about the best feeling a person can get.


If he's a good horse, he will bring you peace and make you feel capable.

If he's a colt, he will help you develop a patience that's unshakable.


If you use him on the ranch, he's always willing to sort, drag or gather.

If you haul him to rodeos, he knows that to you, every second matters.


So before you go asking for something new,

say thanks for the horse in your pasture, and all that he's done for you.


Whether he's helped you up, or helped you down,

if you've got good fences, he will always be around.


He's helped you do and be all that you are,

so say thank you for him, before 2017 gets too far.


This Christmas, give him an extra scoop.

And go inside where it's warm, after you pick up his poop.

-Jessica Loewer

Jason & Shannon Schraufnagel & their 4 legged family want to wish all of you
A Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & A Warm Winter! 


Oh, the cool crisp morning when we wake

It’s cold outside and we see the falling snowflakes


The horses are standing at attention waiting to be fed

They nicker and neigh and toss their heads


We don our clothing, layers of warm and wool

We put on gloves and hats, this day is awfully cool


We head out the door, the dogs pushing it with a grunt

They don’t seem to notice this oh so cold front


We toss over some hay, high over the fence

The horses come running, losing all their suspense


My husband does what he always will

Checks the water and the corral, oblivious to the chill


We head back in to grab him a cup of coffee

And for me some spicy hot tea


We listen to the morning news and watch the Christmas shows

Then we glance at the clock, it’s time to go!


We put on our gloves and hats, and boots once more

And head back out to the horses standing not far from the barn door


He grabs his mare ever so brown, I grab the gray gelding

And we head to the tack, where we will commence the brushing


Their coats are wooly, warm, thick and course

I lay my face on their neck and take in the scent of pure horse


We saddle up and ride away just like we have every other day

But today is different even though chores are done the same way


For today is Christmas, a time of peace and celebration

It is a day we reflect, we praise and a day for contemplation


It is a day we contemplate what our life is to mean

It is a day we contemplate the very seam


Jesus threaded our lives together from the very beginning

He came to this earth just as one of us, so very humbling


We are to be all about love, patience and kindness

We are to live as He did, in line with God’s mindfulness


If He hadn’t come, we wouldn’t be enjoying this life

Of riding, working, living, loving and yes even strife


Today is not just another day, though the chores are the same

Today is the day that our Heavenly Savior came!

~Shannon Joy Schraufnagel