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Gather 'Round the Campfire

-Cowboy Poetry & Ramblings-

The Light


As we were out a’roundin’ up wild mustangs to get um to lower ground,

From the mountains that we found them around.

Night was a’fallen on us and we was hopin’ these mustangs wouldn’t fright,

And everything would jest go alright.


We went thru thick brush and trees,

And we could hardly see.

All was a’goin’ fine as we headed um towards camp that we called home,

But then a mountain lion decided roam.


We sure was a’prayin’ those mustangs wouldn’t fright that night,

But all the sudden that mountain lion let out a roar and caused fright.

We looked back and the mustangs were all tensed up,

We knew it was a’fixin to become a mess,

And we were gonna have to give it our best.


They took off everywhere a’here and there.

We rode as fast as we can,

To get um back to the lower land.

A wrangler at the rear took a shot over the mountain lions back,

And that ole mountain lion took off a’makin’ a different track.


While all this was a’happenin’ in the dark of the night,

We had lost site of the campsite light.

We got the mustangs slowed down and headed towards that lower ground.


Off yonder we spotted a bright light,

We jest knew that had to be ole cookies lantern a’shinin’ in the night.

Ya see that light led us safely home that night.

Ya see I got a friend and when ya need direction in your life then

all you have to do is pray.

And foller Jesus’s light and it will lead you home safely one day.


© Michael L. Murphy

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