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   The Cobbler That Failed


Well now Cookie is a-cookin’ up our last meal,

Since it’s the end of the spring roundup this one is a big deal.

So we all gathered around the campfire light,

Now we were keepin’ ole Cookie well in our sight.


Ole Cookies fire was a-smellin’ real good,

Over yonder the greenhorn was bringin’ in more wood.

There are sourdough biscuits and taters in them Dutch ovens,

And the smell of the chicken fried steak will give your belly some lovin’.


Now when it came to Cookies cookin’ he took a lot of pride,

So if ya had a complaint and it wasn’t right he likes to tan your hide.

Well of course he had to make his peach cobbler for everyone,

But he let the helper make it and told him to do a good job son.


Well the meal was served up as we all bowed our heads to pray,

We gave the Good Lord thanks for the grub and for having a blessed day.

We were all so thankful to God that the spring roundup went well,

For we always got to hear the word on Sunday mornins’ for a spell.


The grub was disappearin’ as the coffee began to steam,

Them biscuits Cookie baked you can taste them in your dream,

That chicken fried steak was belly lickin’ good,

I would have had ate um all if I could.


Then came the prize peach cobbler Cookie served with a grin,

He said boys this is gonna please your belly in the end.

This time his cobbler gave them the meanest look he ever saw,

Now ole Cookie was just a hopin’ none of them would get the urge to draw.


So Cookie took a bite to see what was makin’ it taste so bad,

With a frown he dumped it all on the ground and that didn’t make him glad.

But now he understood them cowhands faces he seen,

Cause dishin’ out cobbler without the sugar added can sure make a cowhand mean.


                                                                      © Michael L. Murphy (2018)

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