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HTA members receive exclusive deals and discounts.

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits for HTA Trail & Travel and HTA Comprehensive members

If you're a member of the HTA at the Trail & Travel or Comprehensive levels, these deals and discounts are available to you now! Comprehensive members have additional benefits listed below.

*Benefits are subject to change at any time.

Trail Rider's Path

10% discount on our Trail Guides and all items in our Trail Store

Scoot Boots

10% Off Scoot Boots

Big Ass Fans

Up to a 25% discount on qualifying purchases

Equine Discounts

Discounts for Office Depot, Farmers Insurance & More

Working Advantage

Discounts for event tickets, travel, hotels, theater & more

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA)

10% Off the Trail Manual


20% Off


Up to 35% off

John Deere

Up to 28% off MSRP

State Line Tack

30% Off (MAP pricing excluded)


USRider discounted membership: $29 off new, $10 off renew

Exclusive HTA Comprehensive Member Benefits

If you're a member of the HTA at the Comprehensive level, you're entitled to these benefits as well!

Not a Comprehensive member? Upgrade now to access these benefits.

Van Hargis Top Hand access ($240 value)

Ability to add excess liability insurance

Julie Goodnight Academy access ($120 value)

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