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THE Trail and Travel Map

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Please notes:

The trail map and any and all details listed within are provided as a resource for your own travel research and further investigation. Trail riders and the horse community have submitted all locations to our interactive map. We recommend contacting the trail or camp host or local website to verify current trail conditions before you arrive. If you are scheduled to stay at a location, please be sure to check in with your host and confirm your travel arrangements. Be sure to cancel or change any reservations with the contacts listed for each location. HTA is not responsible for fees or lost deposits. 


We invite riders to update the map and report changes as soon as possible but realize natural conditions can always change. Please only submit trails that are open to public use. We do not encourage trespassing. Good and bad property reviews are encouraged and accepted as long as no accusations or libelous text is posted. All property owners have the ability to add responses or updates to the map.


Riders, ride at your own risk. HTA and its partners and staff are not responsible for accidents or injuries getting to or on the trails or while boarding or camping. Stay and ride at your own discretion.

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