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Happiness Straight From The Horses Mouth!

10 bit mistakes you need to know and 10 bit questions you need to ask

By Brad Harter

The ten most common bridle and biting mistakes

1. The bit hangs too low in the horse’s mouth and may even interfere with the bridle teeth

2. The bit does not fit the horse’s mouth ( too wide or too narrow )

3. The bit’s position contacts the wolf teeth

4. The bit, the bridle, or both do not allow tongue movement, and the ability of the horse to swallow

5. Heavy hands and severe usage has injured some part of the mouth

6. The rider has selected a more severe bit to gain better control

7. The bit creates painful pinch points

8. The composition of the bit produces a dry mouth

9. The bit inflicts pain instead of a signal

10. The bit creates pressure in an area where the horse has minimal tolerance for that pressure

The most important considerations to look for when buying a bit

1. Will the bit fit the width of my horse’s mouth?

2. Is the bit constructed out of quality materials?

3. Is the bit void of pinch points?

4. Will the bit allow my horse to swallow and have tongue movement even when I have picked up on the reins?

5. Is the mouthpiece constructed or coated with a material that will encourage salivation?

6. Can I communicate with my horse through this bit without causing pain?

7. Is there any manufacturer's warranty or guarantee with this bit?

8. Can I return the bit if my horse does not respond well and get my money back?

9. Can my horse respond to this bit and carry it comfortably with his mouth closed without the use of a tight noseband

10. Can I ride my horse with this bit without the aid of a tie-down or martingale?


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