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Trail Journal Cover Contest - June 2023

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June Cover Contest Winner

Phill Lucus is riding Nugget, a nine-year-old Rocky Mountain Horse, at Solitude Lake in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.

"Phill and Nugget in the Big Horn Mountains last August for our one-year anniversary trip."

Chad Jones riding his 14-year-old Appaloosa gelding, Chief, in Wind Creek

State Park, Alexander City, AL.

Photo: Ponda Jones

Jaylene on Jitter Bug, Rod is riding his 24-year-old Appaloosa, Lady, and Damian on Scarlett at Dimple Dell Park, Sandy, UT.

Doug Bates is riding his nine-year-old Tennessee Walker, Remington, in the Grand Tetons, WY.

"America the Beautiful!"

David Reed is fishing off of his 11-year-old Quarter Horse, Rookie.

"We had the most beautiful trip on horseback, discovering the east side of Glacier National Park. This was one of our favorites!"

Photo: Lisa Reed

Ed Riley on one of the creeks that branch off the Niangua River at the Leadmine Conservation area in Missouri. He is riding his four-year-old Quarter Horse, Banner.

Photo: Diana Riley

Jeff Bastan and his horse, Charlotte, a 14-year-old grade mare in Wilton, CA.

"My husband is a beginner rider, and all he knows is to walk and steer (not very well). This trusty mare is so safe and takes care of him on the trails, whether riding or driving in our carriage."

Photo: Monja Bastan

Kenny Low and his 17-year-old John Mule, Snickers, Coley Gibson, and Shrek in the Bob Marshall/Scapegoat Wilderness, MT.

"This is one of my favorite mules, Shrek! He was an outlaw when we bought him, and we had to pack him before we rode him. We still have to pack him at first before he gets ridden! But he sure has a soft spot in my heart!"

David Romero in Tombstone, AZ riding his 8-year-old Peruvian Paso, Maximus.

"This was an amazing ride in Tombstone, AZ, at the famous saloon. The picture is of my best friend and my wife, Tracessa Romero. She is the one that got me into riding."

Mark Eggeman on Luna, a 13-year-old QH/Arabian at Iron Mountain, Ivanhoe, VA.

"My husband's first NATRC ride. He does some trail riding but only started riding because of me."

Photo: Brandy Eggeman

Andrew Sayer riding Tug a Belgian/QH cross with his daughter, Caitlin Sayer, on the Silver Spur Meadow Trail, Chiricahua National Monument, AZ.

Photo: William Dean

Dave Klug and Rowdy, 12-year-old Tennessee Walker in the Zumbro River, Zumbro Bottoms, MN.

"Dave loves to explore the trails. He and Rowdy can go anywhere together. He is a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and uncle, always teaching the next generation to ride."

Photo: Sherri Klug

Shawn McGinnis is riding at East Fork Stables, Jamestown, TN.

"I love this picture of my husband, Shawn, on a two-year-old with about 30 days of riding. She handled the trails and numerous creek crossings wonderfully."

Photo: Stephenie McGinnis

Frank Keeton is riding a 10-year-old QH, Monty, in the Shawnee National Forest, IL.

"This place is called Cowboy Hideout."

Photo: Tammy Keeton Brooks

Marc Tanner is riding Horse, a 10-year-old QH, at Lake Solitude, Jackson Hole, WY.

"This was heading up the trail on the way to Lake Solitude. This was taken in August of 2021."

Photo: Sarah Eckstein

Levi Hickerson and Aspen Hickerson riding Amigo, a 21-year-old Morgan cross in the Shawnee National Forest, Simpson, IL.

"Aspen's first trail ride at 1.5 years old visiting the Sand Cave in the Shawnee National Forest."

Photo: Alicia Hickerson

Doug Elam and Emily Elam ride Sheema at Land Between the Lakes, KY.

"Sheema and Emily were born on the same day."

Todd Jolley is riding Little Blu Man, aka Ruger, and Rock Clark is riding Prime, bringing up the rear in Columbia, TN.

Photo: Pat Jolley

Buck Harris and Dexter 'The Wonder Dog' riding Dr. Leo Levi, aka Levi, on the Mutton Creek Trail, Lake Stockton, MO.

"Our Jack Russell Terrier, Dexter, got tired on the trail and asked my hubby, Buck, for a lift. He could see so much better and enjoyed the ride so much he wants to do it all the time."

Photo: Lisa Harris

Carter Herring, nine years old, riding Amber, a 26-year-old QH in Decatur, IL.

Photo: Jennifer Herring

Harry, Flo, Maddy, Parker, and Luke Holen riding at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

"This was a Back Country Horsemen of ND get-together at the roundup camp."

Shann Martin is riding near Platteville in Southern Wisconsin.

"Wisconsin has some excellent horse trails, very diverse from hills, timber, water crossings, open fields to typical road riding."


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