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Winter Riding Tips

We have some great tips for staying safe and warm this winter riding season!

William (Bill) & Christine Dean Winter Tip: Dress warm and ride! We miss so much by simply not going because of the cold. The horses like the cold. NO FLIES weather. *Pollock Bench Trail in the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness near Fruita, Colorado

Chris Absten Young Winter Tip: We use boots with studs for traction. *Going to church in West Virginia

*Photo submitted by John Lawrence Sullivan

Bet MacArdle Winter Tip: Little heater packs in my boots n gloves! Neck gaiter! Silk base layer/long Johns.

*Photo submitted by Nathalie Paquin

Becky Landes Winter Tip: Layers - insulated pants, thick wool socks, wool gloves that fold down from mittens to fingerless, and a nice fuzzy hat!

*Photo submitted by Chris Bacin. "Josey and I at Malabar Farm State Park, Ohio." Photo credit Reuben Miller

Debbie Crowe Winter Tip: Just bought a battery-heated vest. So tired of being out on the trail and getting cold. I got mine on Amazon.

Jody King: I have a couple (heated vests) for work. Don't buy a cheap one. I love them, great for chores.

Gina Ownby Roberts: I also just got a Gobi Heated Vest as a birthday gift. I love it. I’m very cold natured and it really helps me ride and work in colder weather more comfortably.

Meg Weaver Winter Tip: My December tip for staying warm is to put on a long sleeve T-shirt instead of a short sleeve one!

*Photo submitted by Tracey Thomas

Margot Slater: Layers - Toe, and hand warmers.

Monica N Karl: Had to get a photo from last year because we actually haven’t had any real snow yet (got ice today). We ride in snow pants, muck boots, hats, and scarves. I used to do those thin one size fits all gloves under thicker driving gloves, but this year I am getting SSG 10 below gloves from my husband for Christmas to try. I ride because I like to keep my horses in shape. But I hate winter! If I could I would so be living in AZ during the winter!

Marie Fowler Eason Riding Tip: Horze winter riding pants and arctic muck boots. Wool mittens and socks. *Winter riding in Grayling Michigan.

*Photo submitted by Dianna Davis Mills Corsicana Texas winter 2021

Heather Westby Winter Tip: A good pair of soft hunting bibs. They are warm, and flexible and don’t make the annoying “swooshing” sound of ski snow pants.

Debbie Brabender Winter Tip: We put oversize stirrups on my bareback pad and her saddle so we can wear really warm boots.. use hand warmers inside of thin gloves to keep hands warm and have flexibility. You can also use hand warmers to warm up the bit for the horse. Have fun. *Riding in my friend's backyard in Wisconsin.

Elaine Sherer Winter Tip: Stay far away from places where it snows!

Lora Goerlich Winter Tips:

  • Natural fibers and layers

  • Wool socks

  • Wool sweater

  • Down coat (responsibly sourced)

  • Silk base layers

Bonnie Svarrer Winter Tip: This is as close as we want to get to snow!!

*Photo submitted by Sharon V. Cox

Melissa Mathes Winter Tip: Thermal underwear, layered clothing, hand, and toe warmers.

*Photo submitted by Renda Bierkamp

Amber Mielke Winter Tip: Riding bareback!

Dawn Judy: This is actually Wyoming in July. We're prepared for winter-like weather any time of year. This year I purchased Women's Flexpedition Lined pants from Duluth Trading Co. and love riding in them. Comfy and warm.

Debra Cheuvront Winter Tip: Best winter riding tip is to leave the snow and go to AZ for the winter. *Alamo Falls trail, Catalina State Park, Arizona

No matter where you are riding this winter season, stay warm, stay safe and have fun!

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