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I've become good friends with many of the HTCAA Members and all the other Posse. And to put it simply, HTCAA has impacted my life in many ways, has gotten me back in the saddle and I have many across the country who I am happy to call my friends.

Terri Peterson

Its been laughed about how through HTCAA our bucket lists have turned into water trough lists. God willing, planning our next western venture and a visit with another Posse sister in Utah. Hold onto our hats, the HTCAA Website Shannon has worked so hard on will deliver more of what our members want, more trails and camping across America. Can't get better that that!

Vicky Elam

I came across HTCAA, kind of by accident, when it was just starting out. I became the first Posse member. HTCAA has made me wish I was retired so that all I could do was travel and ride. I've met so many members and friends because of this site and am so very thankful. I have learned so much from people and the website is going to be so much easier to keep track of posts and things that I need to make some of my dreams come true!!!

Sarah Jacques

Glenn and I left for Arizona last January and discovered the night before we left that our planned stop in Kentucky had fallen thru. I used the site to ask for help and within minutes I was able to secure a reservation. In addition several very kind people even offered their own property. I love this site and recommend it frequently.

Patty Brahan Wisneski

I found HTCAA by accident (not really, it was meant to be). Since then I've ridden trails in VA, TN, SD twice and more from my home state that I didn't know about. I have met my best friend through HTCAA and last but not least, glad to be part of an awesome HTCAA Posse family!

Reuben Miller

I found HTCAA after a horse accident...fractured vertebrae and 2 blown discs. Had sold my horses and was going through a 2 year recovery. Each day it was a horse fix!! Set a goal to ride again in SD 2015! It was an awesome time w/ awesome people!! This year my husband and daughter went too!

Debbie Wolff

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